Dad Days

Dad brought us many special gifts while growing up, and still inspires us today. Some the most memorable gifts he gave us include the following:

Sunday Hikes, Picnics, and Explorations
Almost every Sunday we went for a day trip to a nearby park, city, nature preserve or other point of interest. Mom would pack a picnic, and we'd spend the day actively exploring locations throughout New England--that was both educational and fun.

We hiked many a New England precipice with laughter, joy, and always a candy bar at the top--the incentive to get there. Those hikes were wonderful and also offered us a great living metaphor for the reason and rationale for hard work and struggle.

Bike Rides
We went on many a bike ride together.

Family Parties
Dad loves family and always supported attending and hosting parties for our big and loving extended family.

Dinner Conversation
Typically a news article, neighborhood event, religious teaching, or current conflict would be the topic of our dinner conversations. We had a good talk every night as we enjoyed Mom's wonderful home cooking.

Advice and Consult
Dad was there when we faced our gravest issues and worries. Still today if we need him, he's there to listen and give advice no matter what the issue is.

We all love our dad and this Sunday and again, next weekend, we'll have a chance to celebrate his many loving acts--acts that we all work to replicate with our own children and loved ones today.


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