My Son's Graduation: Shifting Gears

Typically I write a lot about teaching and learning on my blog, Teach Children Well. Anyone who knows me knows that I'm passionate about all questions and actions related to teaching and learning, but now it's time to shift gears and to focus on my own family as my son is about to graduate from college.

This is a big deal. My son has worked hard, made many friends, and invested himself fully into his college and the surrounding community. He worked at a local community center, tutored young students, traveled with classmates, played football, exercised to Insanity, and much more that I probably don't know a lot about. All in all, he did a great job and is now graduating. I am so proud, and I am so happy that his college, Union College in Schenectady, New York, helped my son grow intellectually, socially, and thoughtfully towards his future. What a gift!

After graduation, my son will head to the Marines. I am both frightened and proud of this decision. I know that my son has what it takes to be a good leader, and I also know that my son has the heart to do what is right and good. He's already lived a lot and experienced so much in life. He has a lot more to learn, don't we all, but I also know that he's open to that learning which is awesome.

So this weekend I want to take it all in and enjoy the celebration with friends and family members. It will be nice to watch the ceremonies on the beautiful college campus and it will be fun to laugh with his friends and their family members as well as to relish in his wonderful accomplishment.

So at this pen stroke, I'll shift gears and focus on family with particular attention to my son whom I love so much, a feeling moms all over the world feel when their children accomplish something of significance. Onward!


  1. Happy for all of you! He is a wonderful young man and you are great parents!! Hope we can catch up in person soon!


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