The Family Reunion 2017

One view from house.
We hosted a family reunion for our son's graduation party. We rented the perfect big house situated on a wonderful piece of land in New Hampshire. We organized a big event--the hike up Mt. Washington, bought lots of food, and welcomed family members to join us.

I was a bit nervous as I wanted everyone to have a good time, and I knew that most people had to spend a few dollars to travel up north and find accommodations since the house only slept our parents, one uncle, and our children.

All in all the trip was a success. Rainy mountain weather created a somewhat treacherous climb, but all the hikers made it to the summit. The house's spectacular porch, land/home flow, and big spaces provided places for everyone to talk, play games and eat. The spectacular weather away from the mountain also provided an ideal setting for the evening and morning gatherings throughout the weekend. A simple, but substantial, and varied buffet at every meal provided food for every diet.

The big farmhouse was a perfect location. 
Family reunions are a great chance to reconnect with one another, have fun and share adventures. I'll likely host another event like this in the future, and when I do, I'll try to include the following:
  • A wonderful location with lots to do
  • A main house that accommodates many for a meal or two in a beautiful setting
  • At least one meal and one activity that most people want to take part in
  • Plenty of lead time with planning
  • A location where nearby lodging is not too expensive and varies from camping to motels to rentals
  • About a weekend's time--just enough for a big family to come together
  • A reason to celebrate such as a graduation, special birthday, anniversary. . . .
Many family members took part in the
Mt. Washington hike adventure. 
Years ago we had a similar family reunion at a Club Med. That was a bit more expensive (luckily we had lots of air miles to defray the costs and chose a location that at the time was a bit more affordable). The fact that meals and activities for all ages were paid for ahead and available at all times was truly ideal. I'd consider a reunion like that again. Unfortunately the cost of such a place makes that not as doable as the reunion we just hosted. 

If we can have a reunion like this once or twice a year, it will be a good way to keep our family ties close, memorable, and enduring. 


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