What Can We Do in Schools to Create Greater Equity, Joy

I listened to David Lammy speak about the Grenfell Fire. Essentially he spoke for greater equality, service to one another, and care for humanity. This is the essential message of our day. How can we rethink our governments, businesses, communities, laws and protocols so we do create equity and provide every person with a joyful, good life. What do we need to do.

As I think about schools, I think we can make major strides in this arena in the following ways:
  • healthy, nutritious, delicious food for all students available for free every day. Google does this, and I believe our schools can do this too.
  • beautiful, safe, colorful, and inviting school structures.
  • inspiring, engaging, and empowering curriculum programs.
  • available health care (why can't students use their health cards for care at school?), clothing, backpacks, and other needed supplies.
  • providing tech for home use
  • opportunity for play and fun. I think we might find that schools in poorer communities have less opportunity for fun.
I'll think more on this--what would you add? 


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