Family Matters: How to Choose?

I asked one son, What do you need? His answer was nothing.

I asked another son, What do you need? He also answered that he was all set.

The third son is very busy with a work assignment and unavailable. I know that, at the moment, he has what he needs.

Tonight, I'll talk to my husband about his vision about what our family needs and I'll talk to my parents too in the days ahead.

Then in conjunction with my own needs, both personal and professional, I'll set some goals and plan some events for the days and months ahead.

Some may think that this is a too scripted formula for family life, but with limitations on dollars, time and energy, I find that it's a good way to meet the needs of family members and develop a strong, loving and positive culture.

It's true we can't have it all, but we can have some of what we really love and desire if we're willing to do the work that goes along with that, work that means doing a lot of the home jobs ourselves, looking for the deals and researching good events and investments.

With the luxury of time all day, I've been thinking of priorities as well as what and how we'll choose. A few steps left to go before putting some good plans in place, and in the meantime I'm grateful to have the chance to deliberate such a positive and privileged question.


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