Family Vacation Updated

Every year means an update in family vacation plans. This update is needed due to the ever-changing family make-up, dynamics, interests and needs. Making the time to anticipate who your family is and what they enjoy and need helps to create a positive vacation dynamic.

This year's family was one that included lots of young adults, their friends, and many cousins, uncles, aunts and friends.

The following elements made for a successful vacation:

Big, Welcoming Rental Home
We spent a few extra dollars on a wonderful rental home that was simple, spacious, and well placed near ponds, beaches, shops, and a bike trail. This afforded lots of independence and little need for a car. Perfect!

A Refrigerator Full of Food
We went grocery shopping upon arrival and bought lots of healthy food so there was little need to eat out, and no one was ever hungry. The meals were simple and easy to prepare, and we had lots of shared dinners with various groups of friends and family members.

Signature Events
There were a number of signature events that some or all family members enjoyed including surfing, swimming, bike riding, fireworks, and visits to local tourist sites.

Lead Time
We rented the cottage months ago and set the date so our busy family members who wanted to join us could plan ahead.

Naturally Beautiful Locale with Lots to Do
We chose a beautiful location that had lots to do.

All in all the family vacation was a big success--one we're sure to replicate in the years ahead.


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