The Intersection of Parenting and Teaching

As a mom and teacher, I find that those roles continually intersect. Yet, there are times when you have to put one role aside to focus on the other.

So far the summer started with a big family focus and then moved into a deep, big-picture teaching/learning focus. Now it's time for a bit of family care before moving on to a week of union study and involvement.

As I think of my family, I'm thinking about all the members, what they might need/want and where I fit into that picture.

My sons are all journeying right now in different directions. They're all on good paths and it's hard to say where those paths will take them except for the fact that there will be a lot of interesting people, work, challenges, and interest on each of their paths. None of them have chosen paths where you can just sit back and let it happen. Instead for each of them the paths demand constant learning, pushing oneself forward and working with diverse groups of people. As the mom now it's my job to continually foster hard work, care, dignity, truth and a bit of fun now and then too.

My parents continue to be at the center of my extended family time and care--they spend many days enjoying the company of family members and friends. There's always a celebration around the corner to plan for and enjoy with them.

Our home continues to get simpler which is awesome--less things, more time.

This weekend we have the chance to spend some good time with family members we love a lot and don't see too often. It's a special event and one worth making the energy and time to enjoy. Onward.


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