Family Memories: Uncle Bob

My father's brother and best friend, my Uncle and Godfather Bob died yesterday. He will be missed.

Bob was the father to seven children. All through our lives we spent lots of time with Bob, his wife of about 65 years Margie, and all the children. They moved to a big house up the street from us when I was in elementary school. We spent lots of time running back and forth from our house to theirs and across the street to our Nana's. We spent late spring, summer, and fall nights playing yard games like hide n'seek, kick the can, touch football, and my favorite, capture the flag.

Bob was there for almost every one of my special celebrations in life including my baptism, graduations, marriage, and holiday events. He and Marge spent lots and lots of time with my parents playing bridge, going out to dinner, attending community events, and traveling now and then. Not only was Bob my dad's best friend, but the two of them worked together for about 60 years in an electrical supply company owned by their Uncle Joe.

I didn't spend a lot of time alone with Bob since he was usually very busy caring for his big family and enjoying the company of the adults at the celebrations and events. I do remember a nice lunch my dad, Bob, and I had when I was graduating from high school. The three of us had a memorable conversation about college and life. I've always thought back to that conversation. As my godfather, Bob signed me up for the National Geographic magazine. He's been giving me that magazine for 53 years--imagine!

This weekend we'll celebrate Bob's life. My many cousins, siblings, and other relatives will be there to pay their respects. We'll likely tell a lot of Bob stories and visit with his children, Marge, my dad, and mom. It's been a busy season of loss this year--a season when we've said goodbye to my brother, Paul, Uncle Dick, and now Bob--close family members who we will dearly miss.


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